Best months or time for a comfortable wedding in Jamaica

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Bride getting readyBride getting ready

I've always felt the urge to suggest to brides the best and most comfortable times to have a wedding in Jamaica. Whether it be locals or destination weddings. For locals! The trend seems to be the summer weddings. For visitors to Jamaica! Usually the later and early months of the year, which puts them in a better zone. But if summer is your thing and ideal period for a dream wedding. Then comfort goes a long way to ensuring a positive experience.


For the bride! Anything sleeveless, by the knees or slightly below the knees would suffice. The bridal party should follow suit. For the groom and grooms men. Consider shirts in or out pants. Khakis, pastels and flip flops aren't out of the question for a beach setting. Perspiration is your enemy! And possibly the most overlooked damper that will almost certainly present on that summer wedding day, in Jamaica or the Caribbean. Perspiration hampers everything from makeup, to eyelashes, dresses, gowns, shirts and even pants. It also promotes an uncomfortable atmosphere for the bridal party, as they know all eyes are on them. Which makes them even more conscious of their appearance. It also hinders the photo and video coverage. As it creates a highly visible sheen and unflattering highlights on the skin. I've also seen members of the bridal party fanning so hard their accessories begin to fall off. And the more one fans is the more they enter into a kind of workout mode, which makes one perspire even more. 


bridal marchbridal march

So if the daunting heat of a summer wedding presents too many unnecessary challenges on your special day. Might i suggest the following months. Anywhere from December to May is ideal. The peak in coolest times would be around January, February and March. You also avoid the dreaded hurricane season. Also! Ideal locations for outdoor afternoon weddings, are typically areas with good clearance above sea level. Anything on a hill trumps events held on the flat or in valley's. 

Bride and groom at ceremonyBride and groom at ceremony


So when planning! Be sure 'comfort' makes that list. And not just of benefit to the bridal party but the guests as well. This goes a long way to ensuring a comfortable experience for all. Especially if the event isn't on time for whatever reason. 


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